Soma 350mg - 30 pills

Soma 350mg - 30 pills

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Buy Soma 350mg 30 pills Online


The generic name for Soma is carisoprodol. It is a drug that works directly on the brain and the rest of the nervous system. It blocks the signals of pain traveling through the nerves and stops them from reaching the brain. As a result of this a person does not feel any type of pain. The most common use of Soma is for the treatment of pain that is resulting from muscle injuries. As the signals traveling to and from the brain towards the muscles are blocked the muscles relax as a result of which the heling process improves. Soma does not heal the injury it just eradicates the feeling of pain.


Dosage of soma depends on the requirement and pain of the patient. Soma comes in two different strengths 250 mg tablets and 350 mg tablets. The normal dose for soma is three to four times a day as per requirement. Any dose above this safe limit could cause side effects. When you buy soma online feel free to buy it in required quantity but try to take it in proper doses along with bed rest and physical therapy for better healing.


Soma is a medication that is not recommended for people who are suffering from epilepsy or any other medical problem that includes seizures. People with heart and liver diseases should also avoid soma because it can put stress on both the heart and the liver. Along with that soma is hard to filter from the kidneys which could pose a threat to the kidneys. Soma can be harmful for the pregnant women and their unborn child. While mothers who are breastfeeding should also avoid soma. When you buy soma online without prescription try taking it is proper doses while keeping the side effects under consideration.

Side Effects

 There are many different side effects of soma and these include dilated pupils, blurred vision, headache, confusion, change in consciousness, weakness, stomach ache and many other such problems which might require medical attention from a doctor.

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