Dormicum (Midazolam) 7.5mg - 30 pills

Dormicum (Midazolam) 7.5mg - 30 pills

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Buy Dormicum (Midazolam) 7.5mg 30 pills Online


Dormicum is a medication that belongs to the benzodiazepine group. Its main component is midazolam which is a neurological drug. Like all other benzodiazepines midazolam slows down the brain and relaxes the brain as a result of which one feels relaxed. Overall it is a much stronger drug as compared to many other drugs from the benzodiazepine group. It works within the central nervous system by changing the balance of chemicals called the neurotransmitters in the brain. It is used by people to get drowsy and fall asleep with ease while doctors use it as a helper to anesthetics.


Dosage of Dormicum has to be proper because a single overdose of this medication could be really lethal. Normally people should take a single dose of 7.5 or 15 mg Dormicum tablet before they fall asleep. Any dose above that could be harmful. Taking a dose during the day is not advised due to the fear of falling asleep. So if you buy Dormicum online manage your doses properly.


The most important precaution regarding Dormicum is that you should never take it along with any other benzodiazepine because the combined effect of two medications could be harmful. People with liver and respiratory problems are advised not to take Dormicum because it stresses the respiratory system posing a threat. Pregnant women are not advised to take Dormicum or any other benzodiazepine under any circumstances for their and their child’s safety.

Side Effects

There could be many different side effects if Dormicum is not administered in proper doses. If not taken in proper doses one could feel sleepy and dizzy even after waking up in the morning because the drug keeps on working until it is in the body. Weakness and loss of appetite are also common side effects. People who are allergic to benzodiazepine could suffer from skin rashes and many other such allergic reactions. So before you buy Dormicum online without prescription remember keeping your medical history in check.

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