Oxycontin Purdue 40mg 15 pills $12.00/Pill

Oxycontin Purdue 40mg 15 pills $12.00/Pill

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Oxycontin is a pain medication. It is a derivative of oxycodone which is also a really strong pain medication. Oxycontin like oxycodone is also an opiate, which means it is a medication derived from the opium poppy. It has strong effects just like other opiates. The benefit that oxycontin has over other pain killers is that its effect is much stronger and it could be taken at any time when pain occurs. The effect of oxycontin also last much longer as compared to other pain medication which enables the patient to stay relived for longer periods of time without worrying about the next dose.


A single tablet of oxycontin is more than enough get a person through a day. A single 60 or 80 mg tablet of oxycontin could keep on working in the body for about 24 hours. In some people this time could be much longer and up to 72 hours in some people. Person should buy the smallest dose tablets of oxycontin and start with them and increase them over time. When you buy oxycontin online remember to buy it in limited quanitities so that you could avert the chances of overdose.


Oxycontin is a medication that is not at all suitable for people who are allergic to oxycodone and any other opiate medications. People with asthma and other lungs related problems should not take oxycontin because it slows down the breathing which could cause problems. People with liver and heart problems should not take oxycontin. Pregnant women should not buy oxycontin online without prescription because it could be really dangerous for their and the unborn child’s health. So always use oxycontin with utmost care and avoid it if you have a medical history.

Side Effects

Oxycontin has the same side effects as oxycodone. These side effects include unconsciousness, chest pain, dilated pupils, drowsiness, irregular heartbeat and in some cases people could get an allergic reaction. So before taking oxycontin try to understand about your allergies.

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