Codeine Phosphate 30 mg - 30 pills

Codeine Phosphate 30 mg - 30 pills

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Buy Codeine 30mg 30 pills Online


Codeine is a pain medication. It is as an opioid, which means that it is a medication that has been derived from naturally occurring opium poppy. It is much better than many other synthetic medications and has a long lasting effect as compared to other medications. It is also referred to as a narcotic medication because it is really addictive and people can get addicted quite easily with prolonged use. Many people have misused codeine over the years due to which it was made a prescription medication as a result of which this great pain killer went out of reach for millions of people.


Doses of codeine depend on the needs of a patient. Usually the patients should start from smaller doses and then increase them as per needs. Usually patients could take a dose of somewhere between 15 to 50 mg every four hours without and side effects. But the daily intake of codeine should be limited to 360 mg or below it. No doubt higher doses are better at relieving pains but they also leave behind adverse effects. So buy codeine online and try to avoid overdoses while trying to relieve the pain quicker.


Many people could be allergic to codeine and one should check this before taking proper doses of the medication. People with breathing and lung problems should avoid codeine because it slows down breathing. People who suffer from asthma attacks should never use codeine under any circumstances. People should only buy codeine online without prescription if they are healthy and not suffering from any medical problem. Pregnant women should avoid codeine and all other opioid medications for their and their child’s safety because it could leave child with withdrawal symptoms once it is born. Breastfeeding women should also avoid taking codeine.

Side Effects

 Drowsiness is the main side effect of codeine. Some people might notice a change in their skin color after taking and overdose of codeine. If any swear reactions occur one should consult a doctor and seek medical help.

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