Ambien Branded 10mg - 30 pills

Ambien Branded 10mg - 30 pills

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The medical name for Ambien is Zolpidem and it belongs to the benzodiazepine group of medications. It is used for the treatment of sleep related problems. People take this medication to help them fall asleep with ease. This medication not only helps people in falling asleep it also helps them in staying asleep all night without any problem, as a result people are able to get a better night’s rest. It is called a sedative-hypnotic because it effects the brain producing a feeling of calmness. People use this medication for short term treatment which usually ends for 1-2 weeks.


The dosage of Ambien differs depending on the person taking it. Dosage is also different for men and women. Women are advised to take 5 mg of Ambien tablet before bed time and after that they will stay asleep for about 7-8 hours. While on the other hand men could take 5-10 mg of Ambien dose before going to bed. Any dose above this could be harmful for the health of both men and women. If you buy Ambien online than you should not take a dose of more than 10 mg because it could incur side effects.


Ambien is a really strong drug and it could impair ones thinking capabilities. So taking this medication during the day time while working is not a good thing, it should only be taken before going to bed. Ambien can trigger many different allergic reactions and one should take a look at their allergies before taking Ambien. Pregnant women should not buy Ambien online without prescription and start using it because it could pose a serious threat to their unborn child. While mothers who are breastfeeding should also avoid taking Ambien to keep their child safe.

Side Effects

Sleepiness is one of the biggest benefit and side effect of Ambien. A person could stay sleepy for long hours more than they really want to stay asleep due to Ambien. Ambien could make people sensitive and they could feel a bit moody

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