Restoril Novartis 30mg - 30 pills

Restoril Novartis 30mg - 30 pills

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Restoril originates from a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Like most of the benzodiazepines Restoril also works directly within the brain by balancing different chemicals that could cause different mental problems. The main function of using Restoril is assistance in falling asleep at night. Restoril calms down the brain by suppressing the neurotransmitters which in returns helps a person fall asleep and then stay asleep through the night. This medication is not for long term use its use is mostly limited to about 1-2 weeks and anything more than that could lead to addiction.


The dosage of Restoril varies hugely from person to person. The normal recommended dose for starters is mostly just 7.5 mg and over time if they need more it is increased step wise doubling the amount to 15 mg which is more than enough for most of the people. In some cases, this dosage could need to be raised to 30 mg but such cases are really rare. Any doses above 30 mg could be dangerous. So when you buy Restoril online try taking the smallest possible doses in order to check the bodies response towards the medication


Restoril has been known to cause swear allergic reactions in people and these reactions differ among people. Majority of people get skin rashes from taking Restoril. Restoril should only be taken before falling asleep and never taken during the day because it could make a person fall asleep in middle of some work that could result in injuries. It is better to consult a doctor before getting Restoril but if you can administer it to yourself properly than you could easily buy Restoril online without prescription.

Side Effects

Dizziness is the most common side effect from Restoril and this side effect could last for long hours even after one has taken a good night’s sleep. Restoril can cause blurred vision, dizziness, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness. Some people can suffer from shallow breathing and higher heart rates.

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